Multimedia Services


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Multimedia Playdates: using communication technology in real live community


How do we shine?

There are a number of things that we do well (see below). When I think about what we are extremely excellent at, I can narrow that down to 4 multimedia services.

Vimeo Video example
: Lillian Blades: Eye Sea Reflections

We shine most by:

1) making meaning and telling stories with video or interactive media using disparate pieces of media, text & ideas;

2) bringing a radical QPOC centered politic and practice of love to collaborations;

3) incorporating spirituality and/or

4) music into projects.


What is multimedia?

Multimedia means different things to different people. Most basically it means multiple forms of media.

When we say multimedia we mean something that integrates the use of communication in forms such as:

The word “multimedia can be used as a noun (a medium with multiple content forms) or as an adjective ( to describe a medium as having multiple forms).

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We offer one on one consultations to help flesh out an idea or create a plan. We also offer group playdates where we come together to implement web, blog and social media plans. This includes things like: automating your social media accounts to publish updates and media on a schedule without you having to do anything OR writing blog posts AND everything in between.

Signing up for a Consultation (One-On-One or Group) is the first step in beginning our collaboration or signing up for services.