Multimedia Playdates

Using Communication Technology in Community

1st Thursday & Friday Dates:

Thursday, 6pm to 9pm - February 4th, 2016
Friday, 11am to 2pm - February 5th, 2016


Thursday 6pm to 9pm - March 3rd, 2016
Friday, 11am to 2pm - March 4th, 2016

Multimedia Playdate Description

Do you want to share your genius online?
Do you feel challenged or overwhelmed when it is time to update your website, blog or engage social media?


The multimedia playdates are an opportunity to come together with others and pick up some skills while implementing your online, media and communications intentions. Whether you have products and services to sell OR a family/community project or message to amplify; we come together, enjoy some delicious food and get tasks checked off the list.


We not only learn and use technology but we learn about the etiquette, structure, trends and language of online communication.

Digital Alchemist Description

We are always in transformation. As a digital alchemist, Sangodare - Julia Roxanne Wallace takes a by every means approach to individual, community and planetary transformation using the tools: art, communication and technology.

Session Description

During each session we will:


Sign Up for Services: Consultation or Playdate

We offer one on one consultations to help flesh out an idea or create a plan. We also offer group playdates where we come together to implement web, blog and social media plans. This includes things like: automating your social media accounts to publish updates and media on a schedule without you having to do anything OR writing blog posts AND everything in between.

Signing up for a Consultation (One-On-One or Group) is the first step in beginning our collaboration or signing up for services.


April dates will be posted after the February sessions. Please make donation below before submitting form.






How to Prepare & What to Bring

To Prepare
1. Register for the Multimedia Playdate

2. Share a list of the tasks that you want to achieve (minimum 3).



1. A laptop with a functioning internet browser.

2. Your list of tasks to do.