Our portfolio includes video, short films, websites, web headers, web graphics, print graphics, web design and more. These are all web sites that I designed. Three of them I customized wordpress themes for and two of them I created using HTML/XHTML and CSS. Click the image to see a larger representation.


Web Portfolio

Tierra Negra

For Tierra Negra Farms (TNF) we designed a site based on the functionality and pages that they requested. I gave them prompts to bolster their content. They wrote while I created 6 header images from the images they had collected over the years. I combined several images for the scrolling header. The design you see here represents what I created for them. However, sometimes Wordpress clients choose to make design changes once the site os complete… (TNF Site)






TNF Site Features:

- Calendar (with current events and ongoing events)
- Scrolling Header
- Two layer menu
- Search
- Donate Button
- Social Media Integration

- - -

Mobile Homecoming

This site is a custom wordpress design featuring custom headers, video gallery. This site needed to prioritize text and images meant to be easily updated and simple to navigate for the Mobile Homecoming community to be able to connect to the spirit of the project and it’s happenings. (MBHC Site)

MBHC Site Features:

- Scrolling Header
- Video Gallery
- Two layer menu
- Donate Button


Video Gallery page

- - -

Alexis Pauline

This site is a couture site. Alexis wanted a site that was an info shop on the beach. A sort of bulletin board that integrates her many projects, other sites and prolific nature is what we came up with. This site is not a blog or other CMS but customized using HTML and CSS. The homepage features a collage as the dynamic navigation menu. (APG Site)






Site Features:

Custom Collage Navigation Menu Dynamic Calendar

Sub-menu bar

Social Media Integration

- - -

Brilliance Remastered

This site was created within Alexis’s existing website. We embedded a wordpress site to get this project up and running quick allowing Alexis maximum access to editability unlike her existing AlexisPauline site.


Site Features:
Email Sign-up

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Student Activities (GSU)

I created three comps (or design options) for this site. An additional design I created to show what one layout would look like in both white and black.


Comp1 (aka design option 2)



Comp 2 (aka design option 2)


Comp 3 (aka design option 3)


Graphic and Design Portfolio

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