Virtual Assistance


Our virtual assistance gives you access to all of our services on an as needed basis. Often people are in a crunch and call for our help. Given our wholistic approach it is rarely possible to do a good job with a new collaboration without a prelimary understanding of your overall vision, mission and needs.


Happy People, Happy Places (Tabia Tekaphotography)

Through our virtual assistance program we develop a relationship and understanding of who you are and what your short term and long term goals are. We support you and your staff to acquire the skills you need. We carve out time for you just in case you call. We think ahead about what your needs might be and we get ready. So, when you call us in a crunch we are ready to go!



For example:


1 - Need Images Created and Edited Quick

OPPORTUNITY: Say you have just been told at the last minute that your product or service is going to be featured in a publication if you can get them a high resolution image by tomorrow.


CHALLENGE: a) You don't know what high resolution is; b) You either don't have or can't find a suitable image; c) To really capitalize on this opportunity you want to add a couple new images to your website as well since the article will generate increased traffic on the site.


SOLUTION: JRoxmedia can digitally edit your images and get them to the proper resolutions for web or print. We could send a photographer to take photos ASAP. We could update your website so that new visitors will see the best and latest that you have to offer.



2 - Website went haywire

CHALLENGE: You regularly edit your website through wordpress, weebly, sitebuilder, etc. Today you were adding a new event and some images. You don't know what happened but the menus on the whole site and the layout on 3 pages looks ascew.


SOLUTION: JRoxmedia can retrace your steps and get your site back in working order.



3 - Event Registration and/or Product Sales

OPPORTUNITY: You are having an event and want folks to be able to register and buy tickets on your website. (And maybe you don't have a website yet.) You also want people to be a ble to by T-shirts and merch from the registration page.


CHALLENGE: You may not have a site or any way for folks to make payments online.


SOLUTION: JRoxmedia can create an event page, online registration, payment buttons and an interim site to get your event up and running whether or not you have an existing website.

JRoxmedia Solutions

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